Who is eligible to sign the American Pastor Project?

All pastors (senior pastors, associate pastors, worship pastors, lay pastors, ministry team leaders, etc), traveling ministers and evangelists, US based missionaries, part-time and full-time ministry staff who are involved in any form of teaching, preaching, evangelism, or content creation, traveling music groups/ministries, or worship leaders, Christian TV, radio, streaming, and podcast hosts, ministers, and Bible teachers are all eligible.

Do I have to apply prior to signing the statement? 

No, at this time there is no application or approval requirements for pastors prior to signing the statement. Signing the American Pastor Project is a personal commitment adhered to by each pastor based upon their agreement to the statement. Pastors must decide themselves if they qualify for the initiative based upon their theological position and commitment to the Word.

Are women eligible to sign the pastor project?

The American Pastor Project is focused on encouraging and promoting the primary tenets of Christian orthodoxy within the church as described by our statement. While the American Pastor Project is aware of doctrinal differences that exist within various churches (i.e. women in ministry, gifts of the Spirit, the use of music in the church, etc), it is our position that such differences are secondary issues, and not primary issues. Our goal is unity among primary doctrines and the eradication of wokeness in the church, and not to micromanage secondary issues. 

Who is behind the American Pastor Project?

The American Pastor Project is a ministry of The Nfluence Network, Inc. The Nfluence Network, Inc., is a 501c3 tax exempt organization and not tied to a particular denomination. 

How can my church, ministry, or business support the American Pastor Project?

There are a lot of ways to support the American Pastor Project. From sharing the website with other ministers, to offering a tax-exempt monthly, yearly, or one-time financial donation, etc. Additionally, the American Pastor Project has opportunities for strategic partnerships with key brands and organizations. To explore additional opportunities, please contact: [email protected] 

Is there a financial commitment required in order to sign the statement? 

While many of our signing pastors and churches do end up supporting the American Pastor Project, there is no financial requirement. Our goal first and foremost is your adherence to the statement within your church or ministry.

How do I get my church listed on the church locator?

If you’d like to have your church or ministry listed on the church locator, please contact [email protected]

What happens if someone signs the statement, but later breaks the agreement?

As a general rule, the American Pastor Project does not exist to “police” doctrine, nor do we have the resources, or desire, to monitor what every signatory is teaching. With that said, in cases of obvious and public departure from the values held by our statement, the American Pastor Project reserves the right to remove signers at will that no longer fit the qualifications for the project. Whenever possible, prior to doing so, one of our team will attempt to reach out with concerns and allow signing pastors/churches the opportunity to clarify or correct their position.

How do I remove my signature or church name from the map locator?

If you need to remove your name or your church listing from the website, please write us at [email protected] and request removal from the site. Our team will follow up to confirm the process. 

What is the mission of the American Pastor Project? 

The American Pastor Project exists to:

  1. Encourage and equip pastors to firmly embrace the tenets of Christian Orthodoxy. (i.e. Apostle’s Creed/Nicene Creed)
  2. To eradicate Wokeism from the American pulpit.
  3. Use the collective voice of the American church to restore godly values back into our society.