The Statement

We believe in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith to which God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Scriptures, the Church, and the ancient creeds all bear witness. We believe in God in three persons, Father, Son, and Spirit, the Lordship of Jesus, demonstrated by His incarnation, death, burial, and resurrection. We believe in humanity’s need for redemption, which is only possible by grace through faith in the Son. We believe in the Second Coming, the eternal redemption of the saints, and punishment of the wicked.

We recognize God’s created order, in making male and female, determined by divine imprint, genetically encoded at conception, and changeless.

We affirm Christian marriage, defined by one man and one woman united by God in holy matrimony.

We believe that our identity in Christ isn’t based on ethnicity, skin color, or socio-economic status, but faith in the name of Jesus and his free gift of righteousness.

We believe righteous governments are ordained by God and exist to uphold lawfulness and to protect the people. As such, we reject corrupt and godless leaders who promote wickedness, impose unlawful mandates which ignore individual sovereignty, restrict the fellowship of the community of saints, and place unjust restrictions upon the freedom of the people. As Christians, we willfully resist tyranny in all its forms, and refuse to relinquish our right to congregate in Christ’s name, bearing witness on earth to the community of heaven as we wait for the return of our true King and our eternal reward.

As pastors, we embrace our role to shepherd the people, and to the extent that we are able, to protect our nation from the deceptions of false teaching and anti-Christ agendas, including, Marxism, socialism, CRT (critical race theory), universalism, critical queer theory, the slaughter of children (both in and out of the womb), climate alarmist theory, and globalism. As such, we hereby agree to not use our pulpits, nor any extension of our ministries, to promote these false doctrines, nor to give place to their advancement.

As signers of the American Pastor Project, we boldly pledge our support to the above statement as we continue to use our pulpit to preach the one true gospel.